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Lanyard Clips, Fittings and Card Holders ­

Plastic Dog Lanyard Clip ­
Plastic Dog Lanyard Clip       Included In Price!­
plastic crocodile lanyard clip
Plastic Crocodile Lanyard Clip    Included In Price!      
Metal Crocodile Lanyard Clip
Metal Crocodile Lanyard Clip      Included In Price!     
Phone or Camera Lanyard Clip Included In Price!     

Trigger Lanyard Clip
      Trigger Lanyard Clip           Included In Price!     

Metal Dog Lanyard Clip 
Metal Dog Lanyard Clip          Included In Price!     
Lobster Lanyard Clip
Clip £0.02 Each
J-swivel Clip
Clip £0.02 Each
Ring Lanyard Clip
Clip £0.02 Each
 Short Release Lanyard Clip
Short Release Lanyard Clip          £0.02 Each   
Safety Release Lanyard Clip
Safety Release Lanyard Clip          £0.02 Each     

               Carabiner Clip                 £0.15 Each

 PVC Lanyard Wallet
         PVC Lanyard Wallet              86mm x 54mm as standard (we can make any size!)                              £0.15 Each  
Rigid Lanyard Card Holder 
£0.40 Each 


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